Monday, August 28, 2006


Remember how Second always said that raising kids is just like dog training? Or maybe it's the other way around? Anyway, someone has finally taken it to the next step - animal training, that is - and used the principles of positive reinforcement to re-train her husband.

Although I don't think she used a clicker.

While doing research for a story on exotic animal training a reporter, Amy Sutherland, had one of those aha! moments and thought why couldn't I do this to with my husband? Her attempt resulted in a New York Times article as well as lots of whining on the daddy blogs.

The blogmen seemed to be offended by the idea of "training". Well, then call it shaping. Based on the very simple principle of rewarding the good behavior and ignoring the bad behavior, it really does work. It works on the family pets, it works on children and it works on husbands.

Feel free to post your own successes with this technique.


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