Friday, June 30, 2006

Stomach, Screen, Shopping - can there be anything else?

On the Stomach front (ha, ha, get it?) I don't have any new recipes today. Unless you want to know about the yummy pepperocini* I made for the FD picnic. I found the recipe at epicurious. I love to search for recipes at epicurious. Not only do you come up with unusual combinations, ala my hero, Letitia** from the Vicar of Dibley, but the recipe reviews are a hoot. They run something like this: "I made the potato salad recipe exactly as written only I substituted fat free yogurt for the mayonnaise because we're all dieting. And I was out of potatos so I used bulghur. Since none of us like celery I put in some parsley instead. This is a great recipe and I will definitely make it again."
Nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks a recipe is just a suggestion.
In Screen news I don't have any television reviews either, although with TVgasm on the job I don't even need to watch television anymore. Yep, those TVgasm recaps are all I need to keep me up to date. I can even be an expert on shows I've never seen. And the recaps are far more entertaining, I might add, than the actual shows.
"Guy's Big Bite" premiered Sunday on Food Network. Guy Fieri was the winner of the Next Food Network Star competition. Although I missed last Sunday, I will be watching next week with interest. During the competition his culinary point of view was described as "off the hook". From the first episode he seemed to me like the hands down winner. He has the whole personality+skill package. Other competitors had nice personality but no skill, or great knowledge but poor personality. After all, just making good tasting food doesn't help the home viewer very much.
Hmmm. What else?
From the Shopping list, I finished my summer shoe shopping. To excess. Compensation for not buying any new shoes last summer. Really. Except for two pairs of sandals at the end of the season that were SO CHEAP I couldn't not buy them. But it has worn me out and this month all I could muster was a trip to Borders and an online order from Dogwise.

*Sorry I can't give you the link to the pepperocini recipe because now I can't find it. I made it exactly as written only I used prosciutto instead of smoked salmon and basil in place of dill. But it was great. While searching, I did come across this green chili cheesecake.

**...and Letitia's mind-boggling culinary creations, mixing, for example, anchovies with peanut butter, or ham with lemon curd - all helped bring a greatly pleasing, surreal tone to what was otherwise a relatively straightforward situation. (The Letitia character, portrayed by the great Liz Smith, was killed off in the April 1996 Easter special.) This concludes our programming for the month of June. Have a swell 4th and see you back next month.


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