Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Summer Project

Here's something useful to occupy idle hands and minds. Over at Lifehacker you can find instructions to make walkie talkies out of old cell phones. I know we all accumulate plenty of those. Every time something more cool comes out (like each month) I WANT IT. Fortunately, the thrifty me reminds myself that the only time I use my current cell phone is to exchange driving directions with Fifth. If you're not quite up for an actual project, but now I've got you thinking about that drawer full of old cell phones, here's something else you can do with them. No pain but lots of gain. Donate them to a shelter. Other charities also have cell phone donation programs, like cell phones for soldiers or the Special Olympics. There are many more choices so I am certain you will find a cause to support. Now don't you feel good?


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