Thursday, July 27, 2006

More Summertime Year 'Round Fun

We're on the downslope of summer and I know everyone is scratching the bottom of their idea box for interesting things to do. Here is a cool activity that's not limited to summer. Letterboxing can be done all year round.

Similar to geocaching, letterboxing requires you to follow a set of clues in order to discover a box hidden in a public place. The box is, naturally, something waterproof that contains a notebook. When you find it, you add your sign that you were there, usually with a rubber stamp.

So where do you get the clues? Well, the Web site lets you look up clues for every state in the country. I noticed there are many, many in my area. And there are some in your area too. Some people include self-addressed, stampled postcards in their box for finders to mail.

This sounds like the perfect project:

  • creative in choosing your stamp
  • intellectual, in solving the clues
  • healthy, spending time outdoors

Let me know when you get your box hidden and I'll go find it!


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