Monday, October 23, 2006

Remote Control

I haven't watched television in days. Many days.
Because my remote control appears to be broken.

When did it happen that I became so dependent on that thing? I never even used a remote until two or three years ago.

If I was at your house, I needed a tutorial on how to adjust the volume. (See that key with the "V" on it and the arrows pointing up and down?)
But now, the prospect of manually operating the television set is too overwhelming.

Before that magic box expired, I saw ads for the movie "Click". It seems the hero, Adam Sandler, finds he can control his life with his remote control.
I don't know about that.
Too many decisions.
Too much pressure.

What happens if you rewind? Is it like Pet Cemetery, where the original comes back somewhat, um...imperfect?

Can you create your own "Groundhog Day"? Reliving each day until you get it right? And, if everyone's remote control had the same power, suppose you get a day just the way you want it and Click! someone else's remote control hits the rewind?

Talk about being stuck in the past.

No, I don't think a remote control life sounds appealing. But it would be nice if my remote control worked on the television set.


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