Saturday, January 20, 2007


Didn't expect to find anything here, did you? Maybe I've been delinquent, but other people could post here too, you know. And it might be more motivating to get some feedback once in a while.

Nevertheless, some catch up is in order. Good to see the Fourth Family at Christmas. Funniest moment no one saw? J3 was looking at the Weird Minnesota book and pleaded "Dad, can we move?"

Congratulations to the Second Family on their new addition. I know Second has always been interested in a CBR and he's finally taken the plunge (little pun). Zara? Or is it something different now? Can't wait to meet her.

Looking forward to some tasty recipes from the Sixth Kitchen as he cooks his way througth his new old cookbook. Maybe some "Little Ears" for a Superbowl party?

Most of all, Seventh Spouse came through his surgery very successfully (yaaay!)but still has to do "the treatment" (boooo). In honor of Seventh Spouse, here's a little something that will make you smile.



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