Saturday, March 25, 2006

Girls Only

I came across this blog in which the blogger chronicles her daily outfit and beauty routine, like this. When you first start reading, you think something is going to happen. That morphs into incredulity that someone can own the same Old Navy t-shirt in six different colors. You don't learn much about her day except for trips to Target, new cosmetic discoveries and coupon offers that come in the mail. Sometimes I don't agree with her purse choices. However, I do check in semi-regularly because I have learned some good product recommendations. So here is my version. I promise this is the only time I will do this. Today's outfit: Kohl's bootcut jeans in light blue with tear in left leg from Onchu at 3 months Collie Rescue pullover hoodie in light grey Durango waterproof lace up boots in tan with missing treads on left from Onchu at 5 months Marshall's Fleet Street microfiber jacket in light blue Ulta wrap around sunglasses in brown Beauty routine: Dove Essential Nutrients self foaming cleanser Dove Essential Nutrients day lotion Maybelline dream matte mousse in Natural Ivory Maybelline brow styling gel in Taupe Clinique glasswear for lips in Juicy Apple Since we all like things that are about us, as your payoff for enduring this ego-driven indulgence, here is a quiz What Color Is Your Aura?


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